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However, if you forsake the spirit that gave the flesh life for anything other than to mature in spirit; the spirit will die a premature death. The spirit will not enter the spirit realm, and die in the womb (physical realm); for it would not have developed sufficiently to exist in the spirit realm.
It’s not what goes into a man that defiles a man, but what comes out of the spirit of a man. Matt. 15:11

 The Spirit is the Character of the Consciousness, and Consciousness is the Awareness of the Spirit; and Awareness generate intelligence.
 Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills, and is a constituent of consciousness.
 Therefore the most significant element of consciousness is personage and individuality, giving rise to Character; the Spirit of a Consciousness.
 The distinct nature and quality of a Consciousness is it's Spirit or Character, and the basic nature and the level of the quality of a consciousness is determined by the Conscience of the Consciousness.
 Therefore growing in consciousness is developing character, personality, spirit. Whereas growing in intelligence is to progress in knowledge and skills.
 Every mortal consciousness is created with a conscience, but Man was created in the likeness of the Immortal; hence with the Conscience and Free Will of the Immortal.
 For a mortal possessing free will to become immortal is to be in the company of the Immortal; therefore a mortal consciousness must freely will to embrace the nature and quality of the immortal Consciousness, which is determined by the Conscience of the immortal.

 When Adam and Eve hid themselves from God (Gen.3:8) they did so because they had come short of the nature and quality of the character of God, and were ashamed to be in the presence of God. Had they no knowledge of what is good and bad, they would not have been ashamed. However, not knowing what is good and bad would make man lower than God, like every other creature. So God intentionally planted the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (God's Conscience) in the midst of the garden (in the midst of our consciousness); so that we may grow in Conscientiousness and become Conscientious as God, to be in the company of God.
 Though Man is like God, knowing good and bad, Man is not God unless he is good, and not bad. Until then Man is only like God, knowing of immortality, yet mortal and not as God is.
Man's progress since Adam has been in the development of his transient physical existence. In acquiring knowledge and mastering skills to manipulate God's creation to his advantage, he believes he has grown to be like God; and acts as though he is God.
 When Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit (Gen. 3:6) they eliminated the Conscience of God. By consuming it and defecating it without digesting it. They separated from the nature of God and became an adversary; a challenger to God's nature. Since then men and women have devised their own codes of conduct, and rule themselves with their own self-serving laws. Not with love. They wanted to live by law, and not by love. So God gave them laws through Moses, and since then they themselves have introduced thousands of laws, but lawlessness has increased; for love has grown even colder (Matt.24:12).
For they are stiff-necked, self-centred and self-serving. Ex. 32:9
 Self-serving because they became autonomous consciousnesses; and their values, principles, and moral sense that make up their disposition emerge exclusively of themselves, the ego; and not of their provenance.
The egocentric man find it impossible to keep his own laws, because his law is to protect his ego (self).
How will he keep God’s love, and love like God?
“To lay down one’s life for another” John 15:13
 Since Adam, man's spirit has wandered far from the spirit of God, and though he has progressed in countless feats, he remains immoral in the eyes of his creator; and has surely died to Him, (Gen. 2:17) thus mortal.
 Although man was made in the image of God, man has fabricated God to his image, and in worshiping God, worships himself.
  All what man seeks is power to rule, and be served; not to love powerfully and be loved equally.
 So every man seeks to be special, and with the sweat of their brows they work hard for the wind. For no one remains needed and special forever in a mortal world; yet it is a necessary step in the creation of more individuals in the image of the creator to enter the immortal kingdom of the creator.
For so the creator saw that it was good.
Thus it is written;
 "I Am not of this world". John 8:23 And
"Seek first the kingdom of God, and all what you seek shall be added to you." Matt.6:33

 Those who work hard to be servants of God are truly ignorant of God’s power and nature, or His intension for creating them. Why would someone who can create the universe with the power of His word need to pay anyone to make him a cup of tea?
Those who are sent here to encourage them who wish to enter God’s kingdom are servants to this cause, and are not His servants, but Sons.
For, of His Son He says;
“Behold My servant whom I have chosen. My beloved in whom My soul is well pleased!” Isa.42.
 God’s intension for creating man in His likeness is for man to become one with Him; for compatible like-minded Company. He did not send his son to
die on a cross to train good servants for His kingdom, but as an example to follow to achieve deep intimacy and intense companionship with God.
To commune with God continuously is to remain conscious forever.
 To Commune with God continuously, one has to develop one’s spirit (character) to that of a beloved son; like Jesus.
The Law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus. John 1:17
Jesus said;
“I and My Father are One.”
“I have called you brothers.”
“If you want to enter into eternal life, come follow Me.”
“If anyone desires to come after Me,
let him deny himself and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.”

 God and Sons are equal in all respects. They plan design and create together. And are never alone.

 Then God said, let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness: Gen.1:26
In the image of God He created him;
Male and Female He created them. Gen.1:27

 In the Beginning was the Son, and the Son was with God, and the Son was God.
He was in the beginning with God.
All things were made through Him, and nothing that was made was made without Him.
In Him was love,
and the love was the light of men.
John 1:1-4

Behold the Man has become Conscious like one of Us.
Now let Man become Conscious of Us,
and be Conscientious like Us.
Gen. 3:22

So seek for your provenance in the depths of your Consciousness,
in the Abyss of your soul;
like for hidden treasure.
And when you find it,
regard it superior to fine gold and dazzling gems.
For in so doing you will find the most precious of all that is visible or invisible,
the gift of God
that is

All are invited
A few accept.
Because of Pride almost all have shunned the
Love of God and to Love like God
and denied themselves
Life Eternal.

Matter cannot be created nor destroyed, as long as matter is the materialization of Conscious Thoughts, the inevitable outcome of Consciousness.
The materialization of the density–mass–weight shape–structure–form–space–time,
and the functioning of conceived thoughts by Consciousnesses.
The power of the immaterial–massless––timeless Consciousness.
And Consciousness is synonymous with persona, Image–Character–– Self–Identity.
Consciousness is not Created,
it is
Extended or Contracted.

Consciousness is Life.
Conscience is Love.
To be Conscious is to Know With.
To Know With Love,
  Is to Know With Life.
To Know With Life,
Is to Know How to Live

  From the Book
  What is Man 
  Rohan and Mohan Perera
  © Copyright 2012

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